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Listenew is an IT solution agency based in Shanghai, China. We have walked through 7 years with our veteran team, with 15+ years of experience. We are professional and passionate about providing the most trending technology solutions to our customers. Our mission is to help our people boost into the next chapter of digital life. Our vision is to become a leading company in next-gen technologies driven by the open-minded teams and the empirical mindset.

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Website Construction

We are now providing our service to help you construct all kinds of websites on Desktop / Mobile / Pad including:

  • Official Website

  • Branding Site

  • E-Commerce Site/App

  • News Site/App

  • Government Site

  • Education Site/App

  • Tour Site/App

  • POS Desktop Application

Mobile and web advertising
Fitness App

Application Development

We can help to develop various applications on Desktop / Web / Mobile to best fit to your business and boost your development including:

  • SaaS

  • ERP

  • CMS

  • OA System

  • Mobile Apps

WeChat Solutions

We also provide the best solutions if you like to develop your business on WeChat in China. Our solutions are about:

  • WeChat Webpage

  • Official Accounts

  • Mini-Programs

Image by Adem AY
Image by Jonas Leupe

IoT Solutions

We assist in finding the solutions to your IoTs needs including:

  • RFID

  • NFC

  • POS Terminals

Blockchain Solutions

We can lead you to the most current solutions for Blockchain including:

  • Crypto Payment Integration

  • Ethereum Web3 Application

  • Solidity Smart Contract

  • NFT Ownership Authentication & Verification

Image by Mo
Image by Carlos Muza

SEO Optimisation

We can also help on your website SEO including:

  • Keywords Optimisation

  • Ranking Optimisation

  • Code Optimisation

  • SEO Strategies

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Very pleasant and useful support from Listenew. They are really professional on development just as what they claim. They helped a lot to make us avoid many mistakes. Thanks a lot and recommend!

- Michael from DigiPixel

The team managed a great work to develop our educational H5 app in a very short time. Really appreciated their efforts on getting our business started up.

- Jane from Puluo Culture

Listenew provided us a set of really impressive graphic design for our mobile app product. Their work is professional and efficient. I can only recommend them.

- Peterson from Boxtree Studio

Listenew made us outstanding work for our website. I did a lot of search online. And it turns out really correct to choose them to work together. If you're finding someone to make websites, go to them.

- Chen from Rinying

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Find the services meet your requirement and check our rate below.

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Fashion Web Design

Website Design / Development

$20 ~ 65 per Hour

Mobile App

Application Design / Development

$20 ~ 65 per Hour

Image by Adem AY

WeChat Construction

$20 ~ 40 per Hour


IoT Solution

$36 ~ 65 per Hour

Image by Michael Förtsch

Blockchain Construction

$45 ~ 65 per Hour

Image by Stephen Dawson

SEO Optimisation

$28 ~ 45 per Hour

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I only have a rough idea

Do not worry. We provide our consulting service to help you build the App/Game from 0 to 1. We can complete your ideas with our rich experiences before we start developing it. You can cancel our cooperation any time before the quotation.

I wanna have a try look first

We provide the free test for our game graphic work. The fee will not be charged if the test result is not accepted finally. You can feel free to provide any of your ideas, and we can help you figure out the best.

I didn't receive reply to my inquiry

Sometimes your request may be missed due to the system error. You can also contact us by writing email to

Note: Due to the pandemic situation, there might will be some late for us to check the inbox. But we will contact you as soon as we read your email.

I only need a specific service

We are open to any kinds of requirements even though you just need a very tiny part of our service, such as a designing sketch, designing a table sheet for your variables or consulting the plans for your products. 

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